Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Day 7-10

Day 7
Fine Motor Color Matching

Today we were headin to Arkansas on a 6 hour road trip.  We didn't leave until 2:00ish so I had some time to make a little fine motor color matching thing for the car.  Took me no time to make but then of course I forgot to bring it.  I let Kylie Jo play with it when we got home and she liked it.  I can't see her spending hours playing with it but the idea of matching colors was good to get her thinking about and clothespins is for sure a learned skill haha!  Her hands were having a hard time getting the clothes pins to work right. This concept would also work really well for matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

How do I do this mom?

Almost finished!  Notice she is trying to put the green one on the wrong end.  That was our big confusion the first few time we did this!

Day 8
Hot Corn Dip

This was one of the many appetizers we made for the Weber/Braker traditional Christmas appetizer dinner.  I was SUPER excited about this one.  It was really pretty easy to make but when it came time for the taste was a disappointment.  It wasn't horrible by any means but there are too many great dips out there to make this one again.  The verdict: Too much corn, too spicy, just alright!  Pin Sadly Deleted!

Some more of the appetizers...there was still more on another counter!  SO MUCH FOOD!

Day 9

Take Your Camera To Unexpected Places 

I Thought I Failed was a busy day in Arkansas and I just didn't get to the project that I wanted to I thought it was an epic fail!  BUT then as I was looking at my pins today I realized that I completed a pin without even realizing it!  One of my photography pins was an article on bringing your camera with you to unexpected places to capture life as it happens.  The Whole Weber/Braker Family went for a walk over a bridge and planned on taking a family picture and that was it.  I stole Ang's camera with the amazing flash and started taking shots during the whole walk...messing with the aperture and flash was so much fun and I got some great shots.  So it wasn't an epic fail after all....I learned a ton about flash and aperture and was able to delete the pin though I won't forget to bring my camera to unexpected places anymore!

I LOVE this picture so much!
 Lovin on that girl!

I kind of like that the flash didn't go off on this one!  If I knew how to do photo shop I would totally play with this one!

Gotta get a close up!  

2 of my favs!

A man and his football

Action shot!  Nice throw Lindssay!

Captured the emotion frustrated...Kylie Jo sad and stubbornly 2 1/2 years old!

Day 10

Parenting Research

So every time we get home from traveling I am exhausted.  I always feel like I need a vacation from my kids.  When we got home from Arkansas this time I was at my wits end with our two and a half year old.  I was left feeling that no matter how many times she sits on her carpet square or we tell her no that she complains and fights us.  From the start of this parenting journey we have been very intentional.  It is time to be intentional about discipline because the way we are going about it thus far is not how I think we should be going about it.  We are in survival mode.....not a happy place to be!

I had a pin of Christian Parenting Books that were recommended so I sat down to see which ones that I had already and then researched which ones I wanted to get.

The books pictured above are the books that I already own.  I think I am going to start by reading Sheparding a Child's Heart and Night Night For Parents.  Jake and I had started Sheperding a Child's Heart a long time ago and I really liked the premise.  Basically it is going to talk about how a person's life is a reflection of their heart.  When our children misbehave that is coming from their little hearts.  So as parents we often demand changed behavior and never address the heart that drives the behavior.  Can't wait to learn more!  

The books below are the books that I ordered on Amazon because they had such good reviews.


Let the research begin and let my parenting skills on heart and discipline issues greatly improve!  Just so you know...I didn't delete the pin because the website had a ton of really great information on parenting, marriage, and homemaking.  One of my new favorite "blogs" for sure! 

3 Pins Deleted, 1 Pin Saved

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