Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Day 4

Day 4

Christmas To Do List, Christmas Card Book, AND Mirror Ornaments for Christmas tree

Soooo this is a lot late but I hear it's better late then never.  There are so many fun things that we like to do during the holidays that I REALLY loved this idea!  Basically every year we are going to sit down after Thanksgiving and make a list of all the things that we want to do.  I could see our list looking a little something like this.....

-Watch It's a Wonderful Life
-Make Jesus Birthday Cake
-Candle and Tree Lit Dinner
-Deliver Christmas Jar Surprise
-Deliver Neighbor Gifts
-Ring and Run Dinner
-Ginger Bread  House  Contest
-Make Sugar Cookies
-Each child pick a cookie they want and make it.
-Drive around and look at Lights in Pajamas
-Put up outside lights and make home made cocoa
-Decorate Christmas Tree
-Donate Food
- Buy Presents for Angel Tree
-Put Lights Up Outside

We'll write the list on the outside of the frame in erasable marker and check off the stuff as we go.  Oh my heart just goes pitter patter at the thought of a framed list!  All I had to do was print, buy a cheap frame from Good Will and paint it.  Cost....$2.50

Christmas Cards...So this was insanely easy but it counts because I had it pinned!  I just downloaded this from a website, printed, hole punched, and used the circle things that I have no idea what they are called.  Now we can look back at our cards every year!

I got both the ideas from here...she has a TON of great ideas for Christmas stuff among other things.

These mirror ornaments are genius!  Basically I glued two mini mirrors together with some fishing wire in between.  Next year when we decorate the tree there will be even more sparkle!  I love a sparkly tree!  

3 pins deleted!

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