Monday, June 2, 2014

Y'all I am about ready to fall off the edge of my chair

Almost every breathtaking story leads the listener through a winding array of emotions, that continue building and building until that moment of elated explosion.  All the suspense just melts into that single moment.  The story has reached it's climax, it's pinnacle, it's turning point.  Everything has led up to that one precious moment.  From that moment on the story has a new clearly defined purpose.

Welcome to my life!  A life that seems to be growing exceedingly suspenseful by the minute.  Y'all I am about ready to fall off the edge of my chair .  My hands are covering my eyes, while I am peaking through the cracks just waiting....for ...that....moment when everything becomes miraculously clear.  I want to know what happens so badly.  I mean it's like i'm watching the sixth sense all over again.  That ring drops out of the wife's hand, rolls across the floor and just like that it all makes sense and yet in that exact moment chill bumps run up and down my body because it's almost too insane to believe.  I mean if my life were a book I would have totally cheated and flipped to the last page to find out because the suspense is almost too exhilarating to bare!  

Then I remind myself to ride the wave and enjoy it.  To feel the intense and overwhelming emotions.  To bask in the glory of the good work that God is doing in me.  To constantly pray.  To re-evaluate my heart and my motives.  To look back at all the stepping stones that I have left my footprint on, then to look forward to all the potential stones I will get to to place my feet upon.  

One year ago God answered a prayer that I had been praying for a while.  The prayer was to go on mission and to help the oppressed and orphaned without getting on a plane and leaving my own children.  His overwhelmingly loud answer was to become a Noonday Ambassador.  Along this glorious road of being an Ambassador my eyes have been pried open to uncover a vast world of injustices, and pain that I simply wasn't aware of.  

When I asked a year ago to go on mission without stepping on a plane I also asked for a few other things.  I asked that my heart would be broken and burdened for the things that break Gods heart.  Then I asked that I could know Him more.  I've learned this year that those two things go hand in hand.  My heart is heavy and my heart is full all at the same time!  

This past year has been a year of being mindful and receptive.  A year of educating myself to the things that I once so easily overlooked.  Every person, every book, every word read or uttered, every movie, every news broadcast, every second has mattered.  They keep mattering.  The are helping to write my story.  They are leading me to that place where God will lovingly rip my hands off of my eyes and say it's here!  Here's what this entire story has been leading up to.  Here is your mission.  THIS is what you are supposed to do.  I still don't have a definite path but I know I'm being called to start something that matters and I know that the puzzle pieces are slowly being put into place.    

This is what my stepping stones have taught me.........

I have a heart for Jesus
I have a heart for Africa a place I've never even seen
I have a heart for educating and see it's grand importance!
I have a heart for forever families
I have a heart for orphans
I have a heart for widows
I have a heart for girls/women
I have a heart for getting American high school kids serving
I have a heart for building
I have a heart for writing
I have a heart for employing
I have a heart for dignified work
I have a heart for for profit organizations

Somehow God is going to take these things on my heart and do His thing.  I know it because I prayed that He would confirm that I wasn't just being totally crazy and yesterday I received my confirmation in the form of a high school student!  As my husband, Jake, and I were walking out of the room that we teach our juniors Sunday school class in, one of our students stopped me.  He handed me $110 of his OWN money and told me that this was to help start my orphan thing.  Of course my gut reaction was to stuff that money back into his hand while thanking him profusely.  Instead I graciously took the money because I've learned the deep significance of not taking peoples blessings away from them.  God used that sweet boy to bless me in a inconceivable way.  He made my dream a reality.  The young helping the young!  I might just take a picture of that money and frame it so that I have it as a constant reminder that an American high school boy saw the importance of caring for the oppressed above what that same money could purchase for his own desires!  

I mean are you kidding me?  You can't make that stuff up!  Getting pretty suspenseful up in here!  My eyes came across this video yesterday and my heart really LOVES what is going on here and believes in what is going on here.  Just trying to piece together how American kids get involved or rather drenched in this process...........  Then trying to figure out if this is the route that God is wanting us to take or if He's writing a totally different climax that is better than I ever could have dreamed up!  Please pray that God would open a door for me to get to Africa so that the puzzle pieces can continue to fit! 

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