Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kylie Jo and Lila Ruth Pictures For Family

Here is a picture update of the girls for all the family!  They are getting WAY too big WAY too fast!  Lila Ruth will be 2 and Kylie Jo will be 4 in August.  They are the best of friends and are complete and utter opposites.  

Kylie Jo is our social butterfly who will talk anyone's ear off but who is terrified to try anything new unless it has to do with dressing up or is pink!  Lila Ruth is not a fan of people right now but is our adventurous girl who can climb a ladder and throw a ball like any true tomboy!  Kylie likes her pb and j cut in triangles and Lila likes hers in squares.  They always say opposites attract....maybe that's why our girls have so much fun together!  

Resurrection Sunday Celebrations

Having a sweet moment before heading to church to play with friends!

Little sister is always watching her big sis

Love those gorgeous eyes!

Thighs have never looked so cute!

Somebody was supposed to be napping but she saw her momma doing this out her window and started tapping on her window and saying "I wanna do that"!

Park Fun

Tire swing is someones new favorite!

We accidentally scared our baby birds and they flew out of their nest too early!  Wings aren't quite ready to fly!

Telling her baby birds to stay in their nest!

All dressed in moms jewelry!

They just have so much love for each other I just can't even explain it!

Watching something outside!

Playing dress up with moms stuff.  Even moms shirt!

A little bit of playing before church


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