Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seth, Ang, and Sweet Gracie Mae come to visit

It's funny.....when you are younger you want to hang out with friends as much as your parents will let you.  Family time.....NOOOO thank you!  That was then but now.......  

Jake and I are in this sweet phase of life where we have learned just how important both of our families are to us.  Spending time with family isn't dreaded but rather cherished and so looked forward to.  Often times when we are together we don't get out and do a whole lot (thank you babies)...we just hang out.  We truly enjoy being around each other.  We enjoy having real, authentic, transparent, talks that are deeper than the weather or other people.  

This visit with Seth, Ang, and Gracie was no exception.  We had an amazing time together as always.  It was the first time we have been with just them since Gracie Mae was born.  It was so fun to see them growing into their parent roles.  They make it look so easy.  PLUS it's just so stinkin awesome to be an aunt.  I love that girl so much and I absolutely hate that we aren't closer so that I could steal her for sleepovers, spoiling, and cuddle time.

Every time Seth, Ang, and Gracie head home I am SO sad because I feel like our best friends are leaving us.  Seriously...Ang and I aren't "sister-in laws" at all.  We are just sisters who have become great friends.  We are SO much alike that it's actually kind of crazy that we didn't grow up together.  AND then don't get me started on Seth.....he's the male version of me!  This time was extra hard when they left because we don't know if they'll be the "close" six hour drive away anymore.  Regardless....we can't wait to see what God does in their next phase of life.  

Here are a "few" pictures from their visit:  

Lila 9 months old, 26 1/2 inches....Gracie 5 months old, 27 inches 

Love this picture!  Cuddle reading time is one of my favs!

Tryin to stay up as long as cute can I be Ang and Seth?

The "big" girls are sleeping....Gracie soakin in HER time!  :)

Lila and Gracie havin a sweet moment.

The three girls playin together

Tryin to get our picture of all the girls....take one....Lila crawling on Gracie.....

Take two.....Jake trying to save Gracie....Lila trying her hardest to crawl on Gracie.

Take three....we'll take it! (LOVE how Gracie is just so unfazed!)

Hmmmmm....who is REALLY getting their hands dirty?

The girls checkin each other out.

Lila teachin Gracie how to stand!

PHOTO SHOOT TIME....I am SOOOO SOOO SOOO excited that I got to practice taking some sunset photos....learned a ton!  Got some good are a few of MY favorites!  Ang taught me how to edit (among many other things) but I didn't edit them.....real as real can be!  ;)

 It didn't take Gracie Mae long to wrap dad around her fingers!

A bit overexposed but I still just love it!

LOVE this girl!  See so much of her mom and dad in that face!

Should have edited this bad boy....those orange flowers would be SO cool popping!  Gracie was just staring at them!

I don't know why but I just so see Tony in this picture...lookin down at his proud of the mom she is!

When Ang was getting dressed I asked Seth what one word he would use to define his family.  He said learning....pretty sure this captures learning haha!  Gracie spitting up, Seth so not wanting to get it on him and Ang being a good sport about it all.....uhhhhh where's the spit rag?

Picnic time!

LOVE this!  

What a lucky man! 

Probably my absolute favorite!

There's a Gracie smile!

Now there's some passion!

That is one loved girl!

I love when they think you're done shooting and you get the honest and true them!

Ang posing and Seth playing!  That's about right hahaha!

Such a cool angle.  SO much fun!

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