Thursday, March 21, 2013

All About Kylie Jo Pinterest CHALLENGE Day 23

Cutest Alarm Clock EVER!

This morning I heard Lila start stirring at 6:20.  I sat there in my bed for a minute enjoying that time of being awake but of doing nothing but relaxing.  Then I stepped out of bed , warmed a bottle, and walked in singing her Good Morning Song before she even had a chance to cry out that she was awake!  We had 30 minutes of quality time with just us before I heard Kylie Jo singing in her bed.  I love being able to have that individual time with my girls.  That time when that one child has all the attention on them.  But it was time to sing Kylie Jo her Good Morning Song so Lila's one on one time was up.  Kylie looked so cozy in her bed that Lila and I decided cuddle time in Kylie's bed sounded like a good idea.  It didn't last long though because Kylie was bursting with energy and somebody was gonna get hurt.    

As soon as Kylie Jo gets up she wants to eat.  Literally walks to the fridge to get her milk and tries to negotiate what she thinks she should have for breakfast.  We have about 3 or 4 breakfasts that are pretty typical; cereal, banana bread with fruit, smoothies, and eggs with toast.  Lately it seems like I have to fight Kylie to finish any meal that's in front of her.  So, I thought today I would start the day with a new breakfast that she would LOVE and I could escape the whole "EAT YOUR BREAKFAST OR ELSE" daily grind.    Of course I still had to say TAKE A BITE a million and one times but she liked this Blueberry Breakfast Grilled Cheese.  

You put cream cheese on one piece of bread, load up the blueberries, butter the outsides, and grill. (The recipe mentioned adding powdered sugar but we omitted that)  The sandwich press makes it easy and seals it nicely but you could totally grill it in a pan.  I don't know why I never thought of making breakfast sandwiches before.  I think Kylie Jo would really like one with bananas, honey, cinnamon, peanut butter OR eggs, cheese, sausage OR peanut butter strawberries.....the creations are probably endless.  I'm pretty excited about this new find!  

About half way through breakfast Kylie Jo had to use the potty.  We are in the process of potty training.  (Kylie hasn't pooped in her pull ups in over a week) YEAH!  So we have poop down but pee, tee tee, urine...whatever you feel comfortable calling it....she has just struggled with.  On several occasions my mom has said that they make pull ups TOO absorbent.  Kylie doesn't usually even know that she has gone to the bathroom because of this.  Today I decided that it was time to dive full fledged into this potty training thing and ditch the pull ups, which I really think are holding us back!  

I read a few blogs to refresh my memory about potty training and what works for other moms!

As I sit back down to continue writing we have had two accidents and not a single potty success.  I am wondering what got in to me to start today but then I remember that no day is a good day to commence potty training.  You just gotta bite the bullet, do it, and keep the end goal in mind.  One day not far from now I will only be changing one kids diaper instead of two!  

SOO... since I am having Kylie sit on the potty so much today I decided that I really needed to come up with some fun things for her to do while she was sitting.  I pinned an amazing site for Homeschool learning so we tackled the first lesson today while she was on the loo.  NO, I am not homeschooling our kids!  I just know how much Kylie Jo loves to learn and so why not expose her to everything I can while she is a sponge and loves to soak it all in? 

Today's lesson was on the letter A.  She listened to a video on what the letter A looks like and sounds like, we looked at a bunch of letter A's on google, she colored a picture of April the Alligator, and then watched a movie on April the Alligator screaming "aaaaaaa" because she is scared of everything.  It was short, it was sweet, and now when I ask Kylie what letter A says she remembers!  Best of all I really didn't have to do anything because it was ALL there!  So if you are homeschooling or want to teach your kids a little on the side I would totally recommend the site!        

Watching the Alphabet video that started off her lesson!

Lila and Kylie listening to April the Alligator's story of why she is a scardy cat!

That's funny Mom!  AAAAAAAAA

That's been our day thus far in a nut shell!  Trying to survive the toddler phase one meal, one potty break, one fun lesson at a time! 

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