Friday, February 22, 2013

Lila Ruth is 6 Months Old!

Lila Ruth, you are officially six months old today and I cannot wrap my head around this fact.  There are so many things that I want to tell you.  The best way to tell this story is to start from the very beginning. 

Your dad and I stood next to each other in a tub full of warm water.  The pastor said, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Buried with Christ in baptism, raised to walk in newness of life.”  

At that moment your dad and I were making a vow before our church and God to begin our new life with Christ as our center.  Little did we know what a funny sense of humor God can have.  Two weeks after professing our faith we would find out that you were being knit together in my womb.  As we were walking in newness of life, a new life was forming.  There was something in that baptism water that day.  So, you are our little baptism baby.  You were not planned but God gave us you.

I’ll never forget the day that I saw two pink lines.  One of them was so faint that I could barely see it but there were definitely two lines there and I was in total shock.  So much shock that I took one more test to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.  I walked out of the bathroom with the tests in my hand and headed straight for your dad.  If I was in shock he was in even more shock because he didn’t even know that I was taking a pregnancy test.  So, needless to say our two shocked selves shockingly celebrated you.  

My pregnancy with you was really easy for the most part.  For the first trimester I was pretty nauseous.  I felt like I would never want to eat normal food again.  All  I craved  was pizza rolls, pizza, and Big Red coke for pretty much the entire time.  The thought of eating vegetables made me want to run to the bathroom.  The second trimester went by SO fast and so easily and then in rolled the third.  I was in a wedding in Illinois a month before you were supposed to arrive.  Everybody thought we were crazy for driving so far away so close to your due date but I knew you weren’t going to come that early!  But as soon as we got back to Texas I started having contractions.  Then I thought for sure you were going to be coming early but the contractions stopped and I walked around 5 cm dilated for a couple weeks.  Your due date of August 3rd came and passed and then your dad and I  really started to get anxious.  There were a few nights that I would have contractions and I would just about be ready to wake your dad up and tell him that we needed to go to the hospital and then they would stop.  Finally, on August 7th your dad and I walked into the hospital around 6 in the morning and began the induction process.  

Once we filled out the paper work they took us back to the room that we would be delivering in and had me get in to my lovely hospital gown.  I remember that I wasn’t nervous at all but I was so excited because I knew that we would be getting to finally see you in a few hours.  Once I sat in the hospital bed they took some blood, put in an IV, broke my water; which there was like none of, and started the pitocin drip.  For the first thirty minutes I thought, I can so do it this time without an epidural.  BUT I learned that every thirty minutes they increase the pitocin and I quickly was raging a battle of almost constant pain.  I laid there on my side and watched the contractions on paper spike higher and higher and last longer and longer.  At some point I decided that I wanted to enjoy this labor as much as I did your sisters so I quietly asked for my epidural and waited for the pain to subside.  Once the epidural was in place things continued to move along and before I knew it I was getting ready to push.  This labor I could actually feel pain but I was excited because I could tell when I needed to push.  I pushed for 10 or 15 minutes, and then all the sudden you were one push away.  That last push will forever be engrained in my memory.  On my right your dad was standing there excitedly telling me, “This baby has TONS of hair!“.  On my left was a very excited nursing student who was about to see one of her very first births.  She just kept looking at me and smiling her huge excited smile.  Then I gave the last push my everything and there you were…..and you were a girl!  My entire pregnancy everyone was thinking that I was going to be having a boy….so I just figured they were right but they were sooooo wrong!  Another beautiful Weber girl.  Your dad and I were so excited.  After we had a few minutes to love on you we called your Mima in so she could meet you.   

Our stay in the hospital was amazing.  I had such an easy recovery compared to the last time.  You were such a quiet baby in the hospital.  When we got home you really did so good too.  You usually just cried when you were hungry or when your stomach hurt.  The first month you ate almost every 2 or 3 hours so it was very tiring….but very quickly you started sleeping longer and longer periods through the night.  

Now somehow you are six months old.  For the entire six months you have been the most easy going baby.  If you notice someone is looking at your or talking to you then a grin the size of Texas spreads across your face.  You love smiling and laughing more than any person that I know.  Happiness flows from your being and instantly spreads to those around you.  There is nothing more exhilarating than watching you smile.  It literally makes my heart sore with love and happiness.  

Along with being super happy, you love to play with toys.  Most days you go from your bouncy chair, to your walker, to the toys in your playroom, to playing with your big sis (or mom and dad).  You love to “play” with Kylie.  She will bring your toys to you, read you books, and do her own thing in the playroom with you nearby to watch.  You always have your eyes on her seeing what she is up to.  I can’t wait to watch you two become great friends.  Yet, if Kylie isn’t around to play with, you are totally content just playing all alone with your toys.  If at any moment you don’t have access to a toy you will start reaching for anything you can get your hands on so you have something to play with.  I think you are going to be my little imaginative explorer!  

Yesterday you officially began crawling around the playroom to get to toys you wanted to play with.  You’ve been rolling for awhile but it’s so fun to watch you push off and begin this crawling process.  You also are starting to sit up on your own.  I almost just want to push you down.  I’m not ready for my little Lila to be mobile because that means you are going to be a toddler before I have time to blink my eyes.

I have so enjoyed this time with you as a baby.  Yesterday while your sister was napping you and I were sitting in the chair just rockin and talkin.  You were standing/bouncing around and smiling at me.  I just stared into those beautiful blue eyes of yours and God just gave me this perfect moment of overwhelming joy and love for you and for the life that we have as a family.  As I let a few tears fall upon my cheeks I wrapped that moment in my memory box.  That quiet moment of perfect love between us is something that I will treasure forever and never forget.  

Quiet, relaxing moments aren’t something we come by often in our house to be quite honest.  You seem to fit right in to the noisy chaos though.  Here are a few things that I have come to love about your personality:  

You love when I pat your mouth like an Indian.  You start moaning instantly.  Whenever you start getting fussy I do this and you forget that your fussy and start enjoying your Indian moan noises.

Every time that you get naked you start cracking up because you are preparing to be tickled.  At least that’s what I tell myself because I don’t want being naked to make you THAT happy!    

Sometimes when you get overly excited you let out this random loud holler.  

You love library read aloud time.  When the kids start singing you start bouncing up and down like you are droppin it like it’s hot.

You are mesmerized by Chance.  Every time that he walks by you open your mouth and just stare dumbfounded at him.  

You love slamming your hand down on the keyboard keys to make music.  You get so excited you start kicking your feet while pounding away.

The only solid food that you like is cereal so far.  We’ve tried peas, green beans and carrots and they have all given you a full body shudder of disgust, an instant spit out, and some loud cries of dislike.  

You really like baths.  We just put you in the big tub now and you stretch out your arms and legs and smile as you get all clean.

You refuse to drink from a bottle.  We can’t figure out if it comes out too slow or too fast or if it’s too cold.  You will have nothing to do with milk in a bottle.  Refusing a bottle is the longest and loudest that I have ever heard you cry.  Starting to think you are going to go straight to a sippy cup when I am done feeding you!  

Sophie the giraffe has been your favorite toy so far.  You will squeak her and chew on her forever!  My favorite is watching you purposefully  bang her on the ground to get squeaks out of her.

You are a pretty decent sleeper.  You go to bed between 6:30-7:00 and wake up at 6:00 for the day most days now; especially since I started feeding you both solid food and milk before bed at night.  J  BUT like clockwork you wake up at 10:00 every night for a paci put back.

You once took your sisters paci out of her mouth and popped it in your mouth.  You should have seen the look on her face.  It was priceless!  It was the beginning of little sis wanting big sis’s stuff.

You have abnormally long big toes, and I just realized the other day that one of your ears is significantly bigger than the other.  I love these things about you because they make you uniquely you.  

In six months time you have let your personality shine.  If I could pick one word to describe you it would be joyful, because you are just that; full of joy.  You bring an abundance of joy into our family.  We are so grateful to God for giving us you to love and to watch as you continue to grow and change.           

YES I took two tests because I just couldn't believe it!

At Christmas....Grandpa and Grammie finding out that we were having another baby!

You are growing so fast I can't believe it!

My favorite Ultra Sound Picture of You....Boy or girl....we don't know!

My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger!

I went camping in a tent THIS pregnant....AND had fun!  

In Illinois.....less than a month to go......You and Gracie Mae are getting acquainted!  I am very ready to meet you! 

The last belly picture that I take before you are born!

Finally you are here and I am so in love with you already!

You are NOT happy about being weighed!

Your very first picture with mom and dad!

Your sister is meeting you for the very first time.  She was a little jealous!  

Our very first family picture with you!

Sleeping so good in your hospital bed.

Just got home from the hospital!  Your tiny self made out pretty good with presents!

Your very first photo shoot!  What a great model!

Hmmmmm I don't think I will keep this sleeping thing up too much longer!  I am being too easy on mom and dad!

Born at 12:01 in the afternoon!

Yes I put you in our toy box!  AND yes it was the cutest picture EVER!

Stuffed Animal line up!

2 Weeks Old

We didn't get a picture of your first bath....we waited until you liked them to take a picture!  You are just soakin in the warm water!

MOM she has me in a chock hold and you are OKAY with this?

You two are already best buds!

Our baptism baby.

You have always been such a happy baby!

Not even two months old and you are lifting that head up so good!

Whenever I say HI LILA in the highest voice known to man you crack a big smile!

Standing up for just a few have such strong legs!

You are NOT happy about taking pictures right now and your sister is on your side!

You and dad watching football!

Not even two months yet and you are already wanting to play with toys!

2 months now!

Your first pumpkin patch experience!  You look realllll pumped to be there!

Me...yeah I am a stud!

Shhh don't tell her that I just pooped!

Your first Halloween as a Money Bag!

First time in your was love at first bounce!

HOW are you THREE months old?

My two girls! 

We can't take this cold weather!  It is 40 out today haha!

Pajama Party at Mema's house!  

No caption needed...T-shirt speaks for itself!

Gracie Mae has arrived...The Three Girls

I just LOVE that cry and I can't believe how BIG your getting.  You were Gracie's size just 4 months ago!

4 month "photo shoot" became a little harder.  You have discovered your fingers and won't leave them alone!

AND now you won't get the dress out of your mouth...

That is until you discover the cool pattern on your dress.

Dress might not be down but we are smiling and nothing is in our mouth so I'll take it!  :)

We don't see you cry often but I still want to remember it because it's so cute!

Your First Christmas AND your first snow!  

Loving on your momma!  This was a rough day but I look back at it now and I see you huggin on me and my heart melts!

That abnormally large toe I was talkin about that manages to squeeze out of your footie pajamas.

You and Kylie Jo watchin Finding Nemo together.

Very first time eating rice cereal.  You look so small!

You and Gracie Mae meet again in Arkansas.

Gotta have your toys!

I love those eyes!

You are gettin so close to crawling and you are pretty excited about it!

Yeah I can crawl....No big deal!

Happy Girl who's 6 months old (big whoops on missing the 5th month!)

I think you are teething because you can't get your fingers out of your mouth!

This month got interesting because it's almost impossible to keep you on your back!  Just checkin out what we have to do tomorrow!

Everything goes in your mouth....guess you are clearing my calendar for me!

AND you crawled off the pretty pink blanket but this is you right and not carin a dang bit about mom's pretty backgrounds for her pictures haha

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