Thursday, January 3, 2013

What did Santa get you for Christmas?

To this day I can still remember finding out that Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and all those made up holiday gift givers were a lie.  To say that I was devastated would be an understatement.  I was a tad bit of a dramatic child but I felt betrayed, like my entire life was a lie.  If my parents lied about this what else did they lie to me about?  The very first time that I celebrated Christmas knowing that Santa wasn't real the magic of the holiday was gone for me (as a child)...and so before Jake and I had children I was really on the fence about the whole Santa thing!

Even after we had Kylie Jo we weren't sure what our Christmas traditions were going to look like.  But this year Kylie Jo is old enough that we needed to decide.  I admit that I almost gave in to Santa....because I feel like I am taking some childhood "fun" away from our girls...but then I remember that their souls are so much more important, so we won't follow the ways of the world.  I don't want the magic of the Christmas holiday to be wrapped up in hopes that St Nicholas soon will be dropping even more presents that we don't need under the tree.......but rather in the gift that God has given us....Jesus!  I want them to never be confused about what Christmas is about!  Jesus is fun too people and....waaiit for it....the reason for the season haha!

Even though we have made this decision I KNOW that many of you are reading this and feeling sorry for our girls, or thinking we are CrAzY cHrIsTiAn FoLk.  That's okay though!  This is just one of those times in life that we'll just have to agree to disagree.    

So with the decision of no Santa behind us we found that traditions just sort of developed (Jake's favorite of course being any and all food traditions) are some of my favorite pictures of our holiday season.

Every year I buy the girls a new ornament that sums up their year for the tree.  This year I found a Finding Nemo ornament online.....Kylie Jo LOVES that movie and all animals in the ocean!

One night we decided to make sugar cookies....

Somebody sneaking some dough

Jake likes this tradition more then Kylie Jo I think....

Love that girl!

My bible study girls.....dress as a character from your favorite Christmas Movie.

The husbands

What are we dressed as?  Every lifetime Christmas Movie....he's the stud in flannel and OBVIOUSLY I'm the hot girl!  

One night when Jake and Kylie got home I had all the lights off, tree lit, candles all over, and the fire blazing....

You can be impressed with my fire making skills!

We read some books.......camped out and later Kylie watched a Christmas movie.  It was good quality family time!

Watching a classic

Breakfast on Christmas Eve which was when we opened our presents with just us 4 this year.  Famous sausage balls and a new french toast casserole.  YUM!  

Lila is tryin to swipe Kylie's stuff already!

Somebody LOVES her princess dress! 

And another princess outfit...this Christmas was the year of the princess!

Thanks Uncle Dan and Aunt Ann.....gotta support Illini

Having a tea party in her new pajamas!

We got Lila two things this year....this was one of them!  Her cousin had it and she LOVED it!

Dancing in her pajamas and tutu!  Love that girl!

 My gifts from Jake this year were my FAVORTIE!  LOVE my boots, bracelet, vase, CD, champagne  and board game! 

We're ready for our Christmas Eve church service.  Tradition of dressing nice and matchy matchy as a family just might not last!  It was like pulling teeth to get a decent picture and I am not a fan of "pullin teeth".

Somebody is a goof ball!

I love my sweet Lila Ruth!

After church we came home and had birthday cake for Jesus.  I know what you're thinking....cake decorating is not in my future!  It's not about what the cake looks like's about remembering what we are celebrating.  I can make a mean tasting cake even if it looks bad though!  

This year on Christmas we went to my parents house to open presents and celebrate the day!  Even if everybody else is dressed we are stylin and profilin in our new pj's which is officially a tradition....because I can eat all I want and my pants don't get too tight!  DON'T judge me!

Lila and Grandaddy gettin some snuggle time in!

Love that girl.....cleanin up the paper with her new broom!

Best present of all....SNOW ON CHRISTMAS in TEXAS!  First time Kylie Jo has seen snow and wanted to play with it....of course I didn't bring shoes.

Oh wow....tryin to eat snow.....

I think her mouth is bigger then Jake's.

I love these two SO much!  This picture captures them completely!

Lila is thinkin....get me outta this cold!  

Picture round two with snow in the background

Everybody takin a present break to watch it can for sure tell we live in Texas.

Like father like son....even matching with their plaid.

Lila loving her new toy!


The trees are covered!

Looking pensive as he researches his new mole trap.

Aunt Jaycie clockin in some Lila time!

The girls with Gigi and PaPa

Lila is cheesin for the camera!

Kylie Jo gettin her reading time in!

Kylie got a princess set from Gigi and Papa....not happy about the earrings but we'll make her suffer for one picture!  

Fist time walkin in heels!  Pretty pumped (haha yes pun intended)

Christmas celebrations in December are over....I am whipped and the girls are sick but we were so thankful to spend this time with our family and most importantly to have a God who loves us so much that He gave His only Son.

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