Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweet Gracie Mae

It's official, I'm an aunt and I LOVE IT!  We didn't think that we would get to meet Sweet Gracie Mae until February but she came three weeks earlier then expected so we hopped in the car to help in any way that we could.  Plus we could barely wait to get our hands on her!  I love her so much and can't wait to spoil her and watch her grow! 

Uncle Jake....holding Gracie for the very first time on her first night home!  Love the outfit uncle Jeff!

Grandpa is in heaven!  All three girls have him wrapped around their fingers!

Grammie is stealin some kisses from Lila

Kylie gettin in a little cord trouble before mom puts it away!

Jake got to get his hands dirty and put together some baby toys!  

They had a Douala...she was SO awesome!

First bath!  There was no crying so I think it was a success!  Mom and dad are so smitten!

Probably one of my fav memories from the weekend...this was right before Seth informed us that she pooped....Ang and Seth looked at each other laughed and then just stood there.....
Me: You don't know what to do you?
Both: Big eyes and nervous laughter
Seth: Ummmm what would you do in this situation?  :)

Seth opening an early Christmas present so he can make the last masterpiece for Gracie Mae's room.  Grammie loving on her early Christmas present!

Grandpa, Grammie, and the three girls!  AHHH Lila looks SO big!

Grandpa is on cloud 9

The three cousins!

Lila is sucking on Gracie Mae.....so proud of my girl!

Not a happy camper!

The slobber on Gracie's arm cracks me up!

Gracie trying to punch Lila...don't suck on me again!

Don't punch me...I will take your hat off

MOM is making us hold hands and make up but I am not okay with this just so you know!

Our Gracie Mae is SO peaceful in her chair!  We LOVED getting to see her and we miss her so much already!  Counting down the days until February!

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  1. Jen, this is GREAT I need to perfect this blogging thing...yours are so professional! =) 1. Lila does look SO big! 2. Kylie Jo even bigger (how do these babies grow so fast!?) and 3. I am SOOO happy for Angela and Seth! I can already see they are going to be amazing parents! =)