Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pinterest Craft Day with a Friend

So I think it is safe to say that a lot of us crafty, organized, list making people are Pinterest ADDICTS!  There is something beautiful about being able to organize ALL of "your" ideas in one tidy place that takes up no room and requires no cutting and pasting into a binder.  How did I ever survive without Pinterest?  Where did I get new dinner ideas?  How did I come up with my decoration ideas?  Or fun gifts?  I know I survived without it but I sure I am glad that it's around now!  The only problem is that my to do list seems a lot longer now with all the great ideas out there.

Yesterday I was finally able to sit down with a friend and have a "Pinterest Day".  I think I am making "Pinterest Day" a mandatory monthly get together.  It was so fun to check some things off my Pinterest to do list and to just have some good ole fashioned girl time!  I have missed girl time!  :)

Here are our creations below:

Hanging Clothes On A Line: As soon as I saw this I knew I had to make it.  There are so many things I can do with our kids with this one.  First of all pinning the clothes on the line is a fine motor skill that is hard to develop.  Plus we can practice colors, and patterns.  AND you could totally take this on road trips to help pass the time.  I got the idea here
I found the clips and string at Good Will for a grand total of $1.00 and got all the felt for $2.00.  So this cost a whopping $3.00...don't hate that!

After all the felt cutting I needed a short break from scissors so I decided it was time for a Mod Podge project.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this one turned out!  It was SO easy to do and it is amazing how such a small detail adds character to Kylie Jo's slowly evolving big girl room!  After I hung it up I seriously thought....What else can I Mod Podge.  I LOVE the stuff!  The link below is where I got the idea.

This one I started working on later that night because it was the most time consuming project of the three!  I found it on Pinterest but there was no link for directions.....all it said was a girl and a glue gun.  SO I thought well....I'm a girl...I have a glue gun....think I'll make this!  

I bought a twin sheet from Walmart, washed it, folded it in half, and went to town on gluing shut the sheet along the outside. 

Then I took 10 pieces of felt, used a piece of chalk to write my bubble numbers, and then I cut out the numbers.  

Once all the numbers were cut out I glued down each rectangular piece of felt.  

It was a little dull with just the numbers so I cut out a bunch of circles and glued those on.

It took a little longer then I thought it would but I love how it turned out.  Now in the hottest parts of our Texas summer, in the "cold" of winter, and on rainy days, we can be hopping our energy out!  PLUS it only cost me $9.00 and left over felt.  You can't hate that!   

This was my friends creations for the Pinterest Day.  She got all Mod Podge happy making super cute clip boards for her classroom, and an awesome "READ" sign to hang up for her reading area.

I think our day was a success!  More Pinterest Day creations coming soon....HOPEFULLY!  :)