Monday, June 18, 2012

First Road Trip in the Van

First road trip in the van was to Clute, Texas.  We logged a grand total of 12 hours and it was AMAZING!  If it were possible to drive to Europe I think I could do it in that thing!    

While we were at my dad's we tried to expose Kylie Jo to some new things but she pulled being a two year on us.  We saw this a little when we went to Arkansas a few weeks ago but she really pulled a full fledged two year old on us this trip.  I think she is in the phase where she is just comfortable with her familiar routine.  If there is too much new too fast she sort of breaks down and clings to me.

While Kylie was taking her nap we were making a box a house!  We went all out with windows, doors, and we even stuck Christmas lights through the top for "stars".

I think she liked it!  All weekend she would go in her "house" sit in her rocking chair and read books.

Jaycie's graduation present!  An awesome bag from Thirty One of must have college items cutter, febreeze, instant coffee, Tylenol, band-aids, cold meds, Kleenex, Mac and Cheese, post it notes, blank notes, Ramen noodles, and balloons filled with sisterly advice for college!   

The beach.....Kylie was scared of the water and as you can see she is being diva-ish about the sand on her hands!

She wanted to get in the bucket of water....Jaycie is cracking up because we are at the BEACH and she wants to get in a bucket of water!  

Gotta play Frisbee at the beach!  

Jaydon working on the sandcastle......

Finished product.....had to get a pic of the tunnel!

Last time we'll be a family of three at this beach!  

Gotta love the Greak squint!  

Kylie petting the time she was out there running up to them and trying to pull them on the leash.....the other time she was timid and scared....and another she ignored them!  

Running around and having a good time with Uncle Jaydon and one of the dogs.

At Chuck-E-Cheese....she liked taking the tokens and putting them in the machines but then she wouldn't play the games.....might still be a little young!  But I think the adults had a great time! 

Probably the night that Kylie was the most herself...just playing outside....walking outside to the barn to check out the goats one last time!

Daddy earning his keep....goats gotta eat!

Goin for a ride on the gator....loved doing this!

"Enjoy the little things in life ....for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things!"

My gift to my dad this year!  Thanks Pinterest!


The mug that we made for Jake for father's day......Kylie Jo had handprints and thumb prints all over it!  


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