Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Roller Coaster of Emotions!

To say that the past few days/weeks have been an emotional roller coaster would be an enormous understatement!  Obviously we all know that a baby is about ready to drop out of me at any second....so hello hormones.....but many things have happened in the past few days that I just have to get down on "paper".....maybe it will help me clear out my head so that my focus can now be on the pending family addition.

My mom was in Cambodia for the last week in July with a large group of people from our church.  As the blogs, facebook pictures, and e-mails started pouring in about their travels it was hard not to get a little emotional.  It's no secret that I love kids, and it's no secret that my own kid, soon to be kids, ARE spoiled.  Hunger, homelessness, and a life void of God are things that they will know nothing of.  But as I listened to the stories and looked at the pictures from this trip in Cambodia I was just so overcome with love for these kids and I was also overwhelmed with a small sense of guilt.  Guilt because we (all of us) are so blessed and we could be doing so much more then we are.  God did not give us all of the things that we have so that we could hoard them....he blessed us so that we could use His gifts to Love others and bring glory to His name.

As I stalked the mission trip I was just filled with joyful pride for our church family because it was evident that they were bringing glory to His name on this trip.....and I was so proud of my mom.  I knew it was sometimes hard for her to be there (it was sometimes hard for me too) because she didn't want to miss out on her second grand child being born, but it was so awesome to see her loving on all of the little souls in Cambodia.

One of the churches that mom was at during her trip!

DO you think they need some love?  They couldn't pile up any higher!  :)

Reminds me of two skinny Kylie's!  :)

A large group of kids wearing the bracelets that my mom and dad found at.....www.kingswitness.com

This was probably my favorite picture...totally made me cry the ugly cry!  She got to hold a baby that was born that day....and NAME her!  She named her Grace!  I just felt like even if she might miss out on our baby at least she got to love on this one AND name her!  

As if my mom being gone wasn't enough....we got a phone call Saturday that Jake's grandpa was not doing good.  He was thought to have had a stroke because he was unresponsive along with a few other things.....but after much worrying and testing he has only a staph infection and with antibiotics will recover just fine!  Whew BIG sigh of relief....

Which brings us to Sunday morning.....we were going about our usual get ready for church routine....SUPER excited because we were about to hear all about Cambodia.  When all of the sudden somebody was urgently knocking on our door and ringing the bell. As Jake answered the door I just had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that our plans were about to change.....and my feeling was quickly confirmed.  Our neighbor, who we just love so much, quickly informed us that his wife, Sara, had been in a biking accident and that she was being taken to a hospital by life flight.  We quickly took his 3 year old daughter and 3 month old son as he rushed to the hospital to find out what condition his wife was  in.  I knew two thing....being life flighted is NEVER good......And I had to keep it together emotionally for both of his kids.  

Obviously tons of prayers were said....by us, our neighbors, our family, and every person that my mom talked to!  As the day crept by we didn't find out much except that Sara was put into a coma because she had severe head trauma.....neighbors continued to stop by and see if we needed help with the kids or to just find out what we knew.  We are so unbelievably blessed by our neighbors love and kindness!  They pull together in times of both celebration and need!

At 7 we found out that we were going to watch the kids that night, which we were expecting to do, and then at 7:15 I started having contractions.  You have GOT to be kidding me!  At 7:30 two neighbors showed up at our door and I just thought God....you are amazing!  I didn't even have to call them...you just had them show up so they can take the kids now......so I can go have this baby that I do not want to have right now because how can I be happy when I still don't know how Sara is doing!

The neighbors took the kids, Jake rushed Kylie Jo to my parents house, the contractions continued....though they were not painful....we walked to keep things progressing....and then they slowed down....we decided to try to get some rest...and then at 4 in the morning they stopped....and I was deep down inside SO thankful and SO exhausted!  

Monday morning I received a text from a neighbor that Sara was moving arms and legs and trying to rip out every tube and IV attached to her body....SUCH good news!  AND I already had a scheduled Dr. appointment at 8:30.....again how awesome is God...I wake up to good news about Sara and get to see how close I am to delivering this baby......5 cm......so close......Monday brings a day of relaxing and a night of AMAZING sleep!  FYI.....at 9 months pregnant AMAZING sleep is hard to come by!  

Today Sara is being taken out of ICU, is talking, eating, and her eye, which they thought she had lost sight in, is blurry and of course is going to heal.  NO long term damage two days after SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA....okay God you obviously get the glory!  

WHEW...just getting that all out brings a rush of relief....tonight Jake and I are going to Olive Garden....I am going to fill my body full of that yummy carb filled pasta ohhhhh and the bread and salad..celebrate Sara and Grandpa Weber's healthy recoveries.....and then if this baby wants to be born on August 1st..... I will have tons of energy to do what a girl needs to do to have a baby and life will be GOOD!  AMEN!

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  1. wow, what a roller coaster for sure!! i love love your heart and Gods crazy perfect timing in all things. that's incredible about your mom getting to be there & name that precious baby, what a miracle! now you'd better have your baby before 945 tomorrow or i'm gonna find out what we are having first...there's some incentive for you :). love you tons!!!