Saturday, June 11, 2011

March 17, 2010

When I woke up the morning of the sonogram appointment I was super nervous and I couldn't wait to be at the office to know that everthing was developing correctly.  The drive over to the Dr. office I started to get really nervous....almost the same feeling as I had getting married (a good nervous).  A minute after I pulled up to the office Jake pulled up and we went in together.  Usually we have to wait a while to be seen but we were let right in and headed straight back to the sonogram room. 

The person to do the sonogram was not our usual Dr.  Instead it was an older doctor who actually is retired but comes back in every Wednesday to do the sonograms for our Dr.  He was such a nice old man and he really knew his stuff. 

I plopped right on the table, pulled up my shirt, and then braced for the squirt of cold gel.  He got started right away and the first thing that we say was our baby with the head bowed and the hands together as if the baby was praying.  It was the most beautiful first sight and I wish that we had captured a picture of it.  He continued for 40 minutes to focus in on each individual body part of the baby.  He explained what we were looking at because sometimes it was hard to tell and then he would explain how he could tell that it was developing correctly. 

As we looked at each body part I was just so relieved that everything was healthy.  Throughout the looking the baby was moving around like crazy.  The baby would suck it's thumb, rub it's head, tug on it's ear, and even pull on the umbilical cord.  The arms and legs were moving around like crazy!  The Dr. kept referring to the baby as "he" so we thought that was sort of a sign.  However when we got to the end of the sonogram the legs really had never been opened wide enough to tell.  We had one quick glimpse and the Dr. thought that the "he" was actually a she.  However, he was really not confident because we didn't get a great look.  SO we left not really knowing for sure if we are having a boy or a girl but in the end it really hasn't mattered because we know that our baby is developing healthy. 

Ever since Wednesday I am getting more and more excited.  Now that we have seen all the moving that is going on it all feels so much more real and it is so exciting.  Now I feel like it is actually really going to happen.  I can't wait!  

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