Saturday, June 11, 2011

35 Weeks 3 Days

Bright and early this morning I had a Dr. Appointment.  Everything is still moving along perfectly.  I have gained exactly 28 pounds (ahhhhhh), my blood pressure is right where it needs to be(except that now that I know how much I have gained my bp may be escalating), Kylie Jo's heartbeat is loud and clear, and her head is definitely locked and loaded (right on top of my bladder) for a natural delivery.

I am quickly learning that the last month of pregnancy is really not too much fun for the body or the mind.  I have Vienna sausages for fingers and toes (aka I am swollen), my fingers hurt to even bend because they are so large.  My back hurts all the time, which probably has something to do with the ten pound bowling ball that I am carrying around in my stomach.  Most people would say basketball...nope this ball is not full of air, it is full of weight!  It has to be a bowling ball!
I am in the bathroom pretty much every 30 minutes regardless day or night. I don't sleep much anymore because I can't get comfortable, the Texas heat feels like 200 degrees when you are pregnant, I am tired of wearing the same ole clothes, and to top it all off..... because Kylie Jo is so low when she moves her head it rubs on my pelvis sending shooting pains throughout my back/butt/and leg.  If you haven't noticed the positive attitude has flown right out the window with the entrance into the ninth month.

I always thought pregnant women who complained were so annoying.  I mean seriously a little weight gain never killed anybody but I guess you can't even begin to understand until you are right smack dab in the middle of it all.  Besides all of the physical complaining, emotions seem to be more on edge now too.  The other day I got so hot driving in the car leaving church that I just started to cry.  Looking back it is funny but sometimes in the moment things become so much bigger of a deal then they really are and you cannot control the flow of tears.  It is so annoying because as you sit there and sob like a baby you know the reason for crying is so dumb but you just can't stop.  Darn hormones!
I had another crying episode the other day that I pretty much set myself up for.  Throughout this entire pregnancy the figure of my pregnant body hasn't bothered my that much because it was sort of fun to see but as of this past Friday I am so over that too.  I attempted to put on my favorite pair of jeans with a long shirt so I could actually attempt to look somewhat "hot" when Jake and I went out for dinner.  I know you are thinking, "Oh no why did you do that?"  I tell you that your question is a good one and I have no idea why I even thought this idea was in any way shape or form good. 
It quickly became apparent that the jeans were not really going to fit and that even if  I would have been able to squeeze in that I most likely would have been mentioned on the 9 o clock news.  The piece may have gone something like this:
"Pregnant woman of  Weatherford, Texas dies today, at the age of 25.  The death was due to overheating in an attempt to be sexy for her husband in a pair of overly tight jeans.  Witnesses say that the jeans looked okay on her but she could barely breathe from the heat of all the fabric squeezing her. When this woman tried to sit down at On the Border to eat her salad she fainted, ripped her beautiful jeans, and never got up again.  At this time the identity of the woman is not being revealed.  We do have a picture of the jeans.  Such a tragedy for such a beautiful pair of For All Man Kind Sevens jeans from Von Mour."

The fact that I couldn't fit in my jeans and was too hot in them anyway lead to tears and a closet that looked like a tornado ran through it.  I tried on tons of things to end up wearing some black pregnancy shorts and an oversized grey t-shirt.  Jake of course said, "You look pretty" when I finally exited the bathroom.  He is so smart!  However, I can't wait to slide back into the jeans with a cute non pregnant top and know that I look stunning.

Countdown to Kylie Jo arriving along with the departure of some of this weight: About 5 weeks!  Oh that sounds so long!

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