Saturday, June 11, 2011

33 Weeks 4 Days

July 6, 2010
On June 28th Jake and I went to the Dr. for our 32 week ultra sound.  We were able to see that Kylie Jo is developing perfectly and were even able to see her yawn.   It was super cute!   She was obviously tired from her late night of kicking mom’s bladder. 
As we are now quickly approaching our 34th week I can’t help but become more and more excited.  The “Oh my gosh I am going to have to grow up and be a parent” feelings are surfacing less and less.  They are being replaced with the “Oh my Gosh I can’t wait to meet my precious daughter” feelings.  I am really trying to bask in the glory of this pregnancy.  Sometimes it is so easy to wish this whole pregnancy thing over because it is draining both physically and emotionally.
I will admit that the third trimester is so different from the first two.  The first trimester I was tired and sick.  The second trimester I had so much energy and really just began to pack on the pounds.  BUT the third trimester Kylie has grown so much that my back really hurts often.  My feet and fingers actually do swell now and it sort of hurts, not that I can actually see my feet anymore anyway.  I really do fear that one of these days my wedding rings won’t come off.  I probably should stop wearing them but I feel so naked without them.
As if fat fingers and toes isn’t bad enough I don’t sleep through the night because somebody is constantly moving around and kicking on my bladder.  This of course sends me running to the bathroom about ten times throughout the night.  Plus I am like hotter than an oven so it is hard to stay cool while tossing and turning in bed.  We have two fans blowing on me, only have a sheet on the bed, and I still wake up at night feeling like 125 degrees.  My personal favorite third trimester adventure is how hard it is to get up from a laying or sitting position.  Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself because I have to plan out my getting up route. 
So, that is what the third trimester has consisted of thus far for me.  I know I mostly stated the negatives, which are sometimes easier to focus on these days but in an instant all of those things are forgotten when I feel Kylie Jo moving around, which I do a lot these days.  That movement and interaction with Kylie Jo makes it easy to love being pregnant.  Plus I know that I am only going to embark on this pregnancy adventure a few times during my life so I am choosing to find all the good in it that I can because I know that I will look back and miss it when it no longer is a possibility. 
The B-day is quickly approaching and in a weird way I am sort of excited.  I think I have been watching too many baby stories on TLC.  My biggest fear as of now is not what will be coming out but of the potential of that gigantic epidural needle going in my spine.  Oh the thought just makes my hands swell more!  Maybe God will provide me with a quick delivery and a huge tolerance for pain so that my fear of that psychotically huge needle will never have to be lived out.  I sure hope so! 

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