Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Weeks

June 23, 2010
Several days ago Jake and I went over to my mom's house for a lunch to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  As we walked through my parent's garage to get in the house, I noticed a white Lexus parked inside.  My parents do not own a white Lexus.  It looked a lot like my grandparents car but mom had mentioned nothing about grandma and grandpa being at lunch and they live about an hour away.  This is when I started to suspect that something was up.

I of course asked, " What are grandma and grandpa doing here?" to which mom replied, "Oh that is just a rental car".  "

"Mom, a Lexus rental, really?"

As Jake and I walked through the door I quickly figured out what was going on because there was pink everywhere.  This was a baby shower!  Then mom proceeded to tell me that Angela, my sister in law who lives in Illinois, was throwing us a baby shower.

This really confused me and so I thought that Angela was at my parent's house and I was wondering when she was going to jump out and yell surprise.  If you watch the video from the baby shower you can tell that I am really in shock.  I had no idea what was going on......pregnancy has made me a little bit on the slow side of figuring things out.

Basically Jake and I received an across the country baby shower.  Since all of our closest friends and family are scattered across the globe it makes it really hard to get together for something like a baby shower.  My sister in law came up with great idea of this across the country baby shower.  Not only did she come up with the idea but she pulled it off with Jake and I not having a clue at all that this baby shower ever existed.

As we sat there with the mound of presents it was somewhat bitter sweet.  I mean honestly who doesn't love to receive presents?  Well, I am not going to lie for one second because I love to.  I love the sound that the paper makes when you rip it open, and the sight of tissue paper flying everywhere as you full it from the bags.  I have always loved to open presents.....especially when I have no idea what is behind the wrappings.

However, as much as I love opening presents, Jake and I so wished that all of those names on the presents could have been with us in that room celebrating.  Pretty sure we would have traded it all to be able to spend an afternoon with those who we never get to see and love so much.  I mean that too!

As we began to open the presents we really were just overwhelmed with the generosity and love that had been sent in the form of many shades of pink.  We felt so very blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  Kylie Jo is not only going to be spoiled with all of her gifts but with all of the love that our family and friends will shower her with over the years.  Our baby girl is going to be so loved and that does something to my soul that words can't even begin to define.

We are thankful for you all and we love you!

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