Saturday, June 11, 2011

37 Weeks 5 Days

August 4, 2010
Well, exactly one week ago today I came home from the Dr. with the knowledge that I was 3cm dilated and 70 percent effaced.  I tried not to get too excited because I know that some women dilate several weeks before they go into labor.  However, because I live with a man who gets super excited about things it has been getting harder and harder to remain patient. Every night Jake comes home from work he secretly is hoping that I am having contractions haha!

I just got back from another Dr. visit today and the only thing that Dr. McBride said was different was that last time I was just barely 3cm and this time I am a really good 3 cm, whatever that means.  She said that I could have Kylie really at any time.  I am of course hoping for sooner rather than later, not because I am uncomfortable, but because I really just can’t wait to meet her.  Needless to say I have been doing a lot of walking and swimming, anything to get this baby moving towards the exit zone.  Hopefully she is getting the hint!  J

I am scheduled for another Dr. Appointment next Wednesday but hopefully our little miss will already have graced us with her presence…..I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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