Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween Fun in 2013

Happy Halloween

Our afternoon at the Chili Cook off Festival.   

Sitting on a big ole pumpkin brings our her poses!

Love that sweet Lila!

Mmm who cares about chili when they have cotton candy?

What's in there mom?

Finished with our HAPPY pumpkin!  "This is kinda heavy"!

All the pumpkin seeds from our two big pumpkins!  Disappointing!

Pumpkin number 2 gets to be painted!

The artist hard at work!

The evil Ursula

"This hair is itchy"

All dressed and ready for the Fall Fun Fest at Church

How cute are they?

Ursula is teething! 

Our sweet Kylie asked if she could just throw the pink rings!  

It was rainy out so they moved the mad house inside the church!

This is how Ursula looked all night...fingers in her mouth and tongue out of her mouth

Kylie having a good ole time.

Who knew fishing was so easy?

Getting her first and last tattoo according to daddy!

Lila happy in the corner where nobody else is!

It's HALLOWEEN!  Fun making green dots on our letter R's!  Rrrrrrr like a pirate.

Coloring her pumpkin

Finished products...notice we have mermaid on...this is the only way I could make her happy about not having her costume on yet!

Glow stick bath!  Thanks for all the glow sticks Grammie and Grandpa!

 Kylie Jo eating her Halloween dinner.  Only Kylie Jo would request homemade tomato basil soup!

Lila likes to keep us on our toes....she doesn't wear the same costume two nights in a row.  AS IF!

Walkin around outside while Daddy and big sister are trick or treating!

This is Kylie Jo wearing the same costume when she was one.  Starting to see some differences in their faces and hair length!

Done for the night!  Ditched that hair and now she's checkin out all of her candy!

"What's your favorite candy that you got tonight"....she points to the lollipop that's in her mouth.

YES your tongue is purple!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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