Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Lately we have actually had some weekends with nothing going on.  Today was one of those days that we had nothing at all planned.  It was super overcast and rainy so Jake suggested heading into Fort Worth to check out the museum.  We quickly got the troops ready and made our way to a day of fun!  And fun was what we had!  I think Kylie Jo could have been there all day playing!  Here are some pictures of our adventures!

We Walked into lights on the floor!  SO excited already!

The biggest light bright ever!

So fun to watch her interact with other kids!

Lila having fun chewing on her stroller.


Dad showing her all the animals!

About to let the plate and cup go flying!

OBVIOUSLY she liked this!

Dad gettin in on the fun!

"Something's wrong with his hiney dad!"

Got tired of my strap...moved onto my fingers!

Probably my favorite part of the whole museum....gotta love watching kids grocery shop!

So excited about her purchase that she came to show us her goodies!

That's my girl...load the carbs in the basket!

Forget the stinkin basket...I stole a cart from a kid who wasn't lookin!

Not even a little scared of this snake!

Lila is entranced by the bubbles.  Kylie is using the heat of her hands to make pinwheels spin!  This place is SOOO cool!

Now Kylie is a Dr taking care of "sick" babies.

Let's go riding in the emergency vehicle!

"How do I open this fence?"

Surprisingly NOT scared!

Our archaeologist digging for dino bones.

Just got in trouble for bein crazy with the sand!

Tryin to figure out how to get over to those boys without climbing on the rocks

I can't believe how big this girl is getting!

Still goin at those fingers but those eyes are gettin more and more heavy!

Dad helpin dig for bones!

REALLY not happy that she can't go play with the village!

Checkin out the truck

I love how Jake actually listens to the videos in these rooms!  

"I'm at work MOM"

Pushing some buttons!

Dad watching the Earth spin while Kylie runs right on by him....she wants to go do something else!

Riding a "horse"

Jake wishing he still had a truck!

This part of the museum is boring but Jake likes it so Kylie finds some things to open and close to keep her entertained!

Leaving the museum we found some water fun!  She is in awe!

Got close enough to touch the water and then try drinking it.  Think it's time to go find this girl something to drink!

WHEW what a day!  After the museum we headed out to lunch at Chuy's.  The girls were both so good the entire day.  We got them nice and tired and now they are both conked out in their beds!  Such an unexpected day of quality family fun!  

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