Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Halloween Day

Halloween TOTALLY snuck up on us this year.  Usually we put up a few decorations, have our pumpkins carved, and costumes ready....this year.....not so much!  NO decorations, we carved the pumpkin today, and I put the finishing touches on Lila's costumes hours before we were ready to head out.  This was our first Halloween with a Trick-or-Treating child.  From the parent side of things Halloween is even more exhausting!  We carved pumpkins, made soup (a tradition I want to start....have a little before you go trick or treating and a little after you get home!), Mema and Grandaddy came over to hang out for a bit, we danced to Halloween music, headed over to a church members house to jump in their bounce house and hang out, and then we did some trick or treating.  Kylie Jo LOVED the trick or treating! In between houses she kept saying more candy more candy!  This was the very first time that she has had candy!  I am pretty sure Halloween has created another fan of candy.  When we were heading back home...after gobbling down one bag of Reeses pieces.....she for the very first time EVER informed us that she was tired.  So I guess Halloween was a success....she had so much fun that she pretty much put herself to bed!

About to open the Pumpkin to see what's inside for the very first time!  

Ewwww......she is not a fan of putting her hand in there but she did play with the seeds, which I can't wait to cook!

Watching mom carve the pumpkin from a safe distance!

Princess pumpkin is finished!
Somebody isn't happy that she has to share the princess  hat!

Mema giving Kylie Jo her Halloween gift!

Grandaddy making Lila belly laugh.

What a Diva!

Robbers and a Moneybag!

We love our girls!

What an awesome Halloween!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE you guys! sounds like suuuuuch a fun day!! I love the costumes- such an awesome idea!!