Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Day in Pictures May 16th, 2012

Sometimes it's the days that you have no special plans that take you by surprise....I am learning a lot of that is because of your attitude.  After yesterday (not a great day due to Kylie's attitude), I woke up this morning and I was determined to have a good day.  I was going to find the beauty and awe in here are the moments where I felt great joy and managed to snap a picture!

Fruit Parfait and cream cheese bagel for a morning snack....Kylie and I both enjoyed this snack!  

Books that I got this morning for a mother's day present from my awesome in laws!  So thoughtful!  I am SO lucky to have them in my life!  Plus who doesn't love getting things in the mail?!
Yesterday I started getting things sanitized and back out for the new baby.  I forgot that I moved Kylie's bowls out of this drawer and when I went to grab them I had this overwhelming feeling of excitement.  I can't wait to meet our new little one!
Went in my bathroom and saw my new bowls that Jake bought for me from Anthropology.  I know they are just little bowls but I have been looking for cute bowls for my rings and earrings for FOREVER!    
Picked from our garden yesterday and today!  I can't explain how awesome it feels to grow your own food!      

Found this butterfly in our driveway with some broken wings.  Gave him some orange for his possible last dinner!  

Kylie Jo is up from her nap and just saw where I put duck!  She is screaming DUCKY DUCKY!  I love her  little voice!  

Waiting for the pool to fill up with water!  Gettin impatient! 

Checking out the temp so she can decide if she is going to get in or not.

Decision made....gettin in!

"Well now that I'm in here what the heck do I do?"

"I could lift up my right leg"

"I could lift up my left leg
"Maybe I will try both legs up"

"Both legs up makes me slide in.....that was fun"

Butterfly has moved onto the plant that Kylie picked out at Lowes today for us to plant in her DUCKIE!  :)

Kylie Jo is checkin out the butterfly....or butt as she was calling it!  

This was supposed to be our appetizer but it was so good it turned into dinner with chicken.  The fresh tomatoes from the garden make it taste even better then it usually does!   

So thankful for this day!  And right now my husband is doing the dishes while my daughter runs around the house in a diaper, with her hair sticking straight up, while she brushes her teeth.  Feeling lucky and thankful that God opened my eyes to the beauty around my ordinary days .

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  1. love love love it, everything about it! i found myself laughing outloud for many of those pictures, haha, esp "Ducky, Ducky!" haha :)! love you!