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My Favorite Baby Registry Items

Well several people have come to me and asked my opinion on baby items that I here are a few of JENNIFER'S FAVORITE THINGS!

I LOVE this bath tub: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Infant To Toddler Tub because there are three ways to use it, especially when they are a newborn!  For sure one of my top favorites!  And everybody that I have recommended this too has also LOVED it!  I actually put it inside our bathtub for baths.  I would just plop in the bathtub and wash away....then when we were done I would just tump it upside down so the water drained out really quickly! 

Sony 900 MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor  We have had this monitor for 2 years and have had no problems at all with it!  I personally think that the monitors with the video are overkill and just too expensive!  Put your faith in God's protection...not in a monitor with a video camera!      
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier I couldn't have lived without this thing!  It doesn't hurt your back or shoulders at all!  I seriously wore this thing for hours at a time.  My daughter loved being close to us when she was an infant so this helped her satisfy that need.  As she got older we turned her so she was viewing the "world" and that satisfied her need to watch everything.  I know I am going to love this when we have our next baby.  Having a newborn and two year old means I will need to have my hands free often but can still be "holding" the baby.  Only recommendation....DON'T GET BLACK!  Yes it goes with everything but it gets way too hot and somebody told me that it shows every speck of lint.  

Boppy Pillow Great pillow for comfortable breastfeeding, laying the baby in it, giving baby a safe place to strengthen those neck muscles during tummy time, and a great tool to help them when they are learning how to sit!  

Graco Jump 'n Jive Doorway Jumper with Interactive Musical Mat
  I don't even know where to start for this one.  I love this Jumper for so many reasons.  
1. It was the easiest toy that we received to put together and it is so easy to move from door to door.
2. It really helped strengthen our daughters legs
3. This gave my daughter hours upon hours of entertainment while taking up little room!
4. I was able to hang it in the bathroom while I got dressed for the day, which doesn't sound like that big of a deal but once that little one gets here you will understand!  :)

(Some people don't like it because it seems too big.....I just put a blanket behind my daughter to help keep her tightly inside)

Baby Einstein Videos Amazing.....My daughters favorites as an infant were Da Vinci, Galileo, and she has gotten older she LOVES the ones with animals in them...she hasn't liked the shapes, language, numbers, body ones as much but I am hoping as she gets a little older we can use them to help learn! 

Glider and Ottoman Really any would do but we picked this one because it was a little less expensive and a little smaller.  We didn't have enough room for one of the REALLY big ones!  I love the Ottoman!

Pregnancy Day By Day This was the book that I used during pregnancy.  It was so much more informative then the What to Expect When Your Expecting book which it seems like everybody gets.  It tells you every single day how your baby is developing or how your body is changing.  Plus there are tons of pictures.  I just loved it!

Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child I know there are lots of methods out there for sleeping.  After lots of research this was the method that we felt would work best for our family.  This book is VERY informative on sleep.  I skimmed the first four chapters and then after that was when I felt the information was answering my questions.  With my daughter we let her eat, sleep, and play whenever she wanted to for the first four months of her life.  By 4 months she was never napping or sleeping so we got this and implemented the strategies right away.  Since about 6 months she has slept from 7 at night until 7 in the morning.  She is the best sleeper that I know!

Registry Advice

General things we were glad that we registered for:  Play Mat, Playpen (one with a changing station....this is what we used for a bassinet), a bin for toys, wipes, diapers(personally LOVE pampers way more than Huggies), Lullaby CD, pacifier clips, bouncy seat or rocking seat that vibrates, diaper bag, High chair that attaches to a chair (the ones that stand alone take up SO much room!)   

Anything that could potentially get really wet from diaper mishaps register for two or more of (sheets, changing pads, Bopi Pillow Covers, towels)

Regrets/Could have lived without:

Cutesy Spit Rags....they don't catch the spit up if your baby is going to be a spitter upper......just use the cloth diapers Gerber brand....they work really well!

The million bibs that people gave us.....wish I would have taken a few of them back!  

Kylie HATED her swing.....but I think that just depends on the baby....she preferred to be carried which is why I LOVED the Moby Wrap.  I recommend finding someone who has one and borrowing it!

Stroller.....we got three.....personally the cheapest one is my favorite because when the girls babies we carried them in the moby if we went places or went on walks and then when they were old enough to sit in the stroller the cheap one was good enough.

Blankets....UGH this was probably one of my biggest frustrations.....the little receiving blanket packs from Babies R Us have the cutest blankets but they aren't really big enough to swaddle.  I hated the swaddle blankets that have velcro!  I might just be picky though!  :)

Don't bother registering for clothes.....unless there is just something that you REALLY want them to have because most people buy what they want clothes wise...especially if its a girl!

***My only other advice is to register for the future too...think about when they start eating real need spoons, sippy cups, bowls, high chair, register for the car seat that you want them to have as a toddler....toddlerish toys/books etc.  But only do this if you need more things for your registry!****


Medela Pump In Style Advanced BreastPump On The Go Tote I have fallen in love with this thing!  It made breastfeeding so much easier because others could feed Kylie some bottles...and when my supply was low this really helped A LOT to get my supply up quick!  I would HIGHLY recommend getting a pump if you are breastfeeding.  Medela does have some other pumps but I just loved the double pump and the convenience of the bag.  Worth the money for sure!  Especially if it lasts us through all our kiddos!

The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding  SO helpful.  I read this before Kylie was born so I knew what I was getting myself in to.  Then her first few months of life I could turn to this if I had a question or just wanted to make sure something that came up was normal!  This gave me confidence since I didn't know a bunch of people to turn to for advice!

Medela Breast Milk Freezing I just got a few of these but they were nice to have for storage in the fridge or freezer.  BUT the bags were my favorite and I just got an off brand at Target!

Nipple Shield Okay so this is REALLY for if you have inverted nipples BUT if you have super sore nipples and you are crying and wanting to quit...try this before you give up.  I used it the entire time with my first daughter.  I NEVER had cracked, dry or sore nipples, EVER.  Plus it is more like a bottle so she never had problems going from breast to bottle.  The only down side is that if you begin using it you will always use it so you always have to have it near and clean for a feeding.  A little harder to put this on you and not flash anybody then just slip baby under.... :)  There are different sizes.     

Nursing Pads...YOU WILL NEED THEM These worked amazing and I never even knew they were there.  Not a single leak throughout my entire pregnancy.  

NUK Warm or Cool Breast Relief Packs At some point you will be sore or will get a minor infection....these were AMAZING!  I found mine at Target

Lanolin Some sort of cream...whatever brand you find!  Helped me in the shower because that was when it hurt the most for me!

Nursing Cover  I had several of them and most of them were too short, uncomfortable, or just didn't work well!  My favorite brand was Balboa because it was soft, long, easy to adjust, AND it had a pocket for pacis, rags, or whatever!

Bras  Go to the Motherhood store for help!  They were a really great help!  I bought one bra for the hospital and then after I had been feeding for a week I went and got a few more.  I recommend these three! 

Seamless Lift Up (My favorite!)

Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra

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