Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Baby Boys Adventurous Room

For the past 5 years our house has been full of girl energy.  My girls are "girly".  That is just who they are.  They like the color pink, bows and braids in their hair, twirling in their dress up dresses, sitting down to watch a good princess movie, tea parties, painting their toenails, babies, band aids on anything that is microscopically bleeding, and they really love being told that they look beautiful.  Now don't get me wrong they like to jump in puddles, run around naked, play with trucks, and build things with their daddy too.  But they are inherently all things girly!   

So that first time that I knew that always constant kicking inside me was coming from a BOY.....I started thinking about who he was going to be.  What "boy" would look like in our world of girl.  As I prayed for this boy growing inside me I kept feeling the word adventure pop up (and good sleeper if I am honest haha).  He is going to bring a whole new world of adventures into our family and we all are so excited about that.  My constant prayer for him is that he will always seek adventures and truth. 

As my nesting came to a crazy frenzy.....my I am just going to stick a crib in the guest room sort of morphed into a room full of this word that I couldn't shake.....ADVENTURE!  I still want to sew some pillows for the bed but my nesting has ended and I am just not sure they will ever get done..... so here is the finished product where I find myself just sitting and dreaming a lot these days!

When I found Jakes High School Letter I about went crazy that it happened to be the first letter of our little boys name!  

One day Kylie Jo accidentally ripped off the cover of Jakes favorite childhood book, so why not frame it?  

Every boy should have a bin of Toy Story toys!

Jake built these shelves because I just HAD to have them!  

I feel like I have to admit that when they put a Smart Board in my old 5th grade classroom I couldn't let the "Dumb map" be thrown in a room to collect dust and eventually be thrown away so I "borrowed" it.    

Jakes one request for the room was pennants.  What the man of the house wants the man of the house gets!

I mean a wooden airplane to ride on?......I just had to!

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