Friday, May 4, 2012

The In Laws

In know how movies make them into monsters, and so many people talk about theirs pretty badly behind their backs?  Well, I absolutely love mine!  God seriously blessed me with the best in laws.  They are so kind, they both have servants hearts, they love God and there is never any pressure put on us to "entertain" them when they visit.  They just come to spend time with us and it is just amazing.

They just left from a visit and I was crying like a big ole baby when they pulled out of the driveway.  I hate seeing their van turn off of our street.

Every visit I try to let them have some one on one time with Kylie Jo.  One day I drove to Fort Worth and did some shopping at a bunch of stores that I just don't make it to with my girl.  I was super excited for a day out all alone. Like, I was looking forward to this shopping trip for WEEKS because:

#1. I am NEVER alone!
#2. If Jake is with me I can't look long and I can't spend too much money. :)
#3. If Kylie Jo is with me, which is almost always, I can get maybe two stores in before the fun wears off for her and the bored behavior kicks in.

So I had lots of reasons to be excited for this day of shopping.  But as stores started to get checked off and time started to pass me by I realized something.  I missed my shopping buddy A LOT!  I might not be able to get much done with her or be in a store for a long stretch of time, but I really enjoy when she is with me.  She just makes it more fun.  So even though I crave that alone time....I learned that too much of it is over rated!

Long ole legs like dad!

One big ole happy family at the zoo!

Takin a load off!

Showin grandma and grandpa around the zoo!

Kylie and her buddy!

I can't believe how big she is getting!

Her favorite zoo animals were the fish!  We could have watched them all day!

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