Sunday, December 11, 2011

16 months

One of the hardest things to adjust to when Kylie Jo joined our family was how all of the sudden there was no span of time large enough to get very much done.  I could take a nice long shower, slowly get dressed, blow dry AND straighten my hair, put on makeup, try on a few outfits, and even dance and sing to some music before she was around.  Then, all of the sudden it was a feat to take a five minute shower, dry off, throw my wet hair up, and jump into some comfy clothes.

As time has gone on Jake and I have adapted, and we have become used to having her right underneath our feet when we are trying to get something done.  When we are both home we've gotten really good at handing Kylie off so that one of us can accomplish what we need to and then we switch.  That is the norm now.  We are just used to it.  We don't really remember how life used to be without her anymore.

This weekend was a different story though.  We had a small glimpse of what life was like before and neither of us really misses that life one bit!  Friday night as the sun was lowering below the horizon, Jake and I were cruising sans child to his work party.  Kylie Jo was having tons of fun being spoiled at her grandparents house and would stay the night for one of the few times thus far in her young life.  That meant the next morning we would awake not to the alarm of a baby needing to be fed but rather when our bodies told us to rise.  Jake would have all the time in the world to putz around outside, and I would have time to slowly get dressed, pick up the house, and cook for the family that would be coming over for some holiday time together.

I thought that I would enjoy this little break, and I did, but I also really missed Kylie Jo.  I missed putting her to bed and giving her a good night kiss.  I missed knowing that she was at our house as I laid down to go to bed.  I really missed waking up to her morning sounds and playful morning spunk.  I got a lot done that December morning but by 10:00 I had everything done and I felt like I had nothing to do.  I missed my girl to the very core of my being.  It sounds a little dramatic but I did!

By the time that my parents finally pulled into the driveway I couldn't contain myself.  I ran outside and opened the door so that I could get my girl out of her car seat and love on her.  So I guess I realized how something that was so hard to get used to in the beginning, I don't miss anymore.  I don't miss my endless amounts of time to get done whatever I want or need to get done.  That isn't what is important!

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